Twelve years ago, Prince Wilhelm of Emporia, the only heir to a kingdom ruled by King Teron, left the capital city of Pinoak on a mission to carry an artifact.The mission should have taken him from the southern part of Emporia to the Mage University in Airicane in Northern Emporia. As the journey neared its end, the party, only two days from their destination, turned a bend in the road.

The only warning anything was amiss came when Prince Wilhelm fell from his saddle, an arrow protruding from his eye and another from his chest. Shouts sounded and a swarm of dark missiles found their targets. Two of the prince's men had been swift enough to free their swords of scabbards. All for naught, for the party was outnumbered, the ambush well planned, and the men behind the attack knew their business. Chaos ruled for all of a single minute and ended when the last of twenty men fell, dead or dying.

Twelve men dressed in black stepped from the brush. They walked among the bodies, four piercing bodies with their swords and cutting the throats of any who gave a sign of life. One man walked among the horses and any deemed too badly wounded to travel were killed. Six men casually walked among the dead, picking up loose arrows; they found only two. Then they broke off the arrows that struck their mark, removing any ability to recognize the source of the arrows by their fletching. The remaining horses were gathered and tethered in a line. In twenty minutes the only thing left on the road were dead men bereft of thier personal belongings and two dead horses.

The dead, men and horses, were dragged or rolled to and hidden in the underbrush. The road itself was swept free of any signs of a struggle. Though, dark splotchess still marked spots where blood had soaked into the ground.


... Thus sets the stage for the story of the Prince's Stone by C S Perry. A story of discovery of who killed the prince and a jaunt across the continent of Pessar as our characters know it. But the land has a much older name and a people who are vying through ancient magic to bring it back.